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Jun, 2020

Details on Season Start

               7 of the 11 leagues in District 2 are going to have summer seasons in most divisions.  Suburban, New Castle, Stanton-Newport, and Wilmington will not.
               For Midway and Capitol, about 70% of the players still wanted to play.  Higher in Seniors, lower in T-Ball.  Players who chose not to play will get 85% of their money back (or rolled forward to next year).  A couple of families asked the league to keep the money as a donation.  Thank you!!
               Because we lost about 30% of our players(some were concerned about the virus, some had other summer plans), there will be less teams in each division and we will have to re-draft.  We are not expecting any players to switch divisions - definitely not switch down.  
               Midway, like most other leagues, has decided that it would not be safe to do T-Ball.  We decided it would be too difficult to keep these kids socially distant.  They will also get the refund or roll forward to next year option.
                We have been practicing for two weeks.  Now, we can play games in Phase 2.  Here are some details.
- The concession stand will not be open
- Uniforms won't be available for first few games.
- Everyone will use their own equipment.  NO sharing of gloves, bats, helmets, or catcher's equipment.  Or water.
- We still can't crowd into dugouts.  Each field will have a plan for keeping players separated in dugout areas during games.
- We have lots of sanitizer, for hands, balls, and any other shared touchpoints.
- Umpires will ump from behind the mound.
- In Juniors and Seniors, first baseman can not hold runners on first.  There will be a line showing how far runners can lead off (6 feet) and runners can leave when the pitchers lifts foot to start pitch.  

        Game schedules are out.  Everyone playing 12 game schedules, followed by playoffs.  If there is enough interest (players and coaches), all-stars will follow in August.  August 3 for Jrs/Srs. August 18 for Majors.

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