Field Cleanup Weekend is November 2 & 3rd @ 8 AM. Volunteers Needed!


T-Ball - 4 yo and  5 yo must play T-Ball.  6 yo with a year of T-ball experience can try out to play Machine Pitch.  T-Ball starts with a clinic in March.  Games or practices are twice a week, usually one weeknight and one Saturday.  Plays a few games with Capitol LL.
Minor B (machine pitch) - this group consists of some 6 yo, all 7 yo, and some 8 yo & 9 yo.  Coaches operate a pitching machine to pitch to the players.  Player evaluation sessions are in March.  This division also has games or practices twice a week, usually one weeknight and one Saturday.  Plays a few games with Capitol LL. 
Minor A (kids pitch) - this division includes some 8 yo, most 9 yo, and many 10 yo and 11 yo.  Kids pitch for the first time and there are some rules that keep the games manageable (continuous batting order, limited runs per inning, limited steals of home, to name a few).  This division interleagues with Capitol and Stanton Little Leagues.  Player evaluation sessions are held for all age groups in this division and players must be drafted onto a team.  8yo not drafted will play Minor B.  Player evaluation sessions will be held in March. 
Majors - this division is for top 10 yo and 11 yo, plus all 12 yo.  Very competitive division that has inter-league play with Capitol, Newark American, and Stanton Little Leagues.  Tryouts will be held in March.  
Juniors - introduction to the full-sized field (90' base paths, 60'6" pitchers mound) for 13-14 yo.  Inter-league play with many other District 2 Little Leagues.  Teams only play once a week early in the season to minimize conflicts with CYM and middle school games.  Then 3 games a week after those seasons end. 
Seniors - 15 and 16 yo division.  Also has inter-league play with many other Little Leagues and plays one game a week, usually on Sundays until high school season ends.  Also play 3 games a week after high school season is over.
Schedules - 12 and under divisions start on April 13 and finish in mid-June.  Minor A finishes with a single elimination playoff.  Majors have a double-elimination playoff.
No playoffs for Minor B and T-Ball since these divisions don't keep score.  Seniors start April 14 this year and finish in mid-June.  Juniors will start in late April and finish in late June. Game schedules are posted on separate web sites.
All-Star Tournaments - At the end of the regular season, all-star teams are picked for 8 yo, 9 yo, 10 yo, 11-12 yo, 13-14 yo, and 15-16 yo.  These teams compete in double-elimination district tourneys against all-star teams from other leagues.  10 yo and older teams can advance beyond the district level.  There is also an 11-12 yo 'B' team that plays in the Brandywine Invitational Tourney each year.    These teams are selected by the managers (though the Major division players vote for the 11-12 yo team).

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